Pass me the salt, I heard her say
Kinetic installation, 2016
View from Noodle – Works of the human brain exhibition at MUU Galleria Studio.

The series Noodle – works of the human brain ponders on the nature of motion inside the brain that results in thoughts and behaviour. The same motion that regulates the interpretation of reality.

We now know that although our biology has kept us alive to this day as a species, old evolutionary models are no longer fully appropriate.

We know that we react to stimuli unconsciously, without the decision to act ever entering our conscious mind. We also know that while the nerve impulses in our brain have a tendency to follow the same routes and create certain paths, we can redirect and divert them to forge routes.

We know that thinking alters the physical connections in our brain. If there is enough space for the motion to wiggle and stagger inside our brain, it will become more flexible.