Copper Mound Stash
Public sculpture, HAM
Glazed ceramics, 2021
Hopealaakso Daycare Centre Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki.

HAM Curators: Kristiina Ljokkoi and Aleksandra Kiskonen
Photos above: Hannu Rytky
Photos below: Sonja Hyytiäinen ©HAM
Architecture: AFKS Arkkitehdit

The work Kuparikumpujenkätkö (‘Copper Mound Stash’) is located in the shaft of light between the building’s two floors. The work is made with glazed ceramics and built of shapes opening downwards, like boulders that seem ancient and peaceful when viewed from above. Inside, these boulders reveal the slow process of mineralisation and change that has lasted several million years.

The three works including Sand Grain Glow, Copper Mount Stash and Shooting Star Jelly are based on the history of Hopealaakso and the idea of mineral evolution. In the beginning there were only a few minerals, but oxygen generating life has encouraged also minerals to evolve and shapeshift. In the 18th century many minerals were discovered in the area  – named ‘Silver Valley’ in Finnish – silver, chalcopyrite, zinc pyrite, calcite, galena and sphalerite. In these works the minerals appear as glass and clay.