Kinetic installation, 2015
Drinking straws, nails, porcelain, twigs, paint, thread, fans.
View from Henry solo ahow at Galleria Katariina Studio.

The border between the mind and the body is filled with inaccuracy. Where does one turn to the other? The work draws on material collected from interviews conducted with four professionals: a meditation teacher, a general practitioner who is also an hypnotist, a neuroscientist, and a lucid dreaming specialist.

“Electric signals, information, run through the brain; nerve cells fire. The activity of the brain is the activity of the cells. Cells are firing. The brain is a big complex web, in which cells go on and off.”
— Satu Palva, neuroscientist

“It is possible to go deep into the background noise of consciousness through meditation. What you come across is proto thoughts, singular words, kind of thought soup put through a blender.  These thoughts have no content, no meaning, and yet they shape our experience. An image flashes in consciousness and a narrative emerges. Steadily the narratives get more complex, they become chains and pull in other thoughts, which then grow into daydreams.  Images flash. Bing — they are gone.”
— Petri Saarelainen, meditation teacher

Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland